Visiting our Mummies and filling our tummies!

We have had another great weekend. Saturday was spent doing lots of organising; we still hadn’t finished unpacking and most of our junk had been dumped in what will eventually be Poppy’s room. Even though she isn’t in it yet and probably won’t be for a while, I want it to look nice and not just be an excuse to gather more cr*p! We went through all of the boxes and managed to completely clear the room and rearrange the furniture. I cleaned the shelves and arranged some wooden toys on them, all of them low enough for Poppy to reach herself when she is toddling, in keeping with Montessori philosophy. It looks really cute, and I am excited for when Poppy starts to enjoy playing in there and sleeping on her very own floor bed!

To break the day up a bit we went back to our new favourite vegetarian cafe and had a gorgeous lunch. It is a little pricey but they were good portions. I had a wholebean vegan burger, with onion rings, relish and gerhkins – delicious! And Tim had goats cheese tart which was also divine. Both came with a salad and Poppy chewed on a bit of sweet potato. We couldn’t resist the carrot cake for desert, and went home feeling rather full.

As if we haven’t eaten enough cake lately, I spent last night making another one for today’s dinner at Nana’s! It was a dairy free mocha fudge cake, and it was really easy to make. Recipe to follow!


I wrote a few notes for my next assignment later on, which is all about play. I was learning all about treasure baskets and it inspired me to have a change around of Poppy’s sensory objects, realising that whilst they were lovely, she probably had become bored of the same things. I collected lots of interesting everyday items from around the house and ordered a big shallow basket for them all to go in. I will write a post about treasure baskets, how brilliant they are for babies and how you can make your own, when the basket arrives! We took a ¬†smaller portable treasure basket out with us today, and she loved exploring all of the different textures and shapes, it made the car journeys much easier.

Today we visited Brackley and our first stop was at Grannie’s house where The Greats were staying. Poppy was on good form, playing very happily and posing for photo’s. She was a very lucky girl and got given a beautiful push along wooden toy from her Great Grandma and Grandpa. ¬†It was lovely to see Tim’s family as always, and even Oscar came home a happy boy with a bag of bones from Grannie!


After all the excitement Poppy had a sleep whilst we walked Oscar, before going for dinner at Nana Sue’s and Joe’s. My Nanny was there too and they are also hosting a Japanese student at the moment called Mizuki, who was really sweet and taught us some Japanese, or tried at least! She also showed us some origami, and I made her a bunny, which is much simpler origami and great to do with kids at Easter! You can find instructions here. We also tried some sweets made from apricots from her parents sweet shop in Japan which were lovely. Having her eat with us reminded me of my own time in Spain; young and in a new country where I hardly understood the language, it was really daunting. She probably thought we were all nuts but she was always smiling and socialising, and I think Mum and Joe have made her feel very at home. Me and Tim are now thinking of looking into hosting a foreign student as well!

We enjoyed a wonderful roast dinner thanks to Joe, a cheeky glass of wine and a pretty good dessert thanks to me!

It was great to see everyone, I just wish we could visit more people when we go home. But something that was quite interesting was that we both said that although we miss the people we love, we don’t really miss our old town at all and on the journey back it really felt like we were coming ‘Home’. It is a nice feeling to be so settled so soon, especially as it is the first time either of us have moved away from Brackley (aside from Uni) and we knew nothing about this area.

I am now going to crack on with some more Montessori work so that I can relax and enjoy my jam packed week ahead. Excited about catching up with some friends and seeing my lovely cousin who is yet to meet Poppy. Look out for upcoming posts about dairy substitutes, treasure baskets, some recipes and non-toxic household products. But for now I will leave you with a few pictures of these beauties! (click to enlarge)

Hope you all had a happy weekend too!