My name is Vanessa and I am the mum of Poppy, who is almost 6 months old. I live in a small village with Tim, my wonderful partner and Poppy’s amazing hands on Daddy. We also have a cheeky dog called Oscar who is still getting used to the idea that he isn’t the cutest thing in the house anymore!

I haven’t always been a self-confessed hippy, nor do I wear hemp flip flops and head scarves; before I got pregnant I was actually pretty normal, aside from the odd green smoothie. I worked as a childminder, so have always loved being around kids, I often find they have much more interesting conversation than adults!

When I fell pregnant I started reading books and watching one born every minute religiously. My first step into this new world was my huge desire for a home birth. I just didn’t feel right going to hospital to do something as natural as having a baby. My research into natural birth led to more interesting topics such as attachment parenting and breastfeeding, all of which just made sense to me. We crossed buggy off of our baby shower list and replaced it with a couple of slings. Then I started looking at moses baskets and bedding. That’s when I discovered all of the chemicals that go into the manufacturing of mattresses. I found an organic alternative. The rest, as they say, is history. Poppy gets organic wherever possible, natural toys, chemical free baby products, cloth nappies. I have slowly but surely changed many of our household items into non toxic alternatives in an attempt to improve our own health and give Poppy the best possible start in life.

Ever the perfectionist I became super aware that all of our choices and actions from then on would have an ever lasting impact on this tiny human being. That is pretty huge. I did not want to screw up. I am by no means suggesting that I am doing a perfect job or raising the perfect child, all I can hope is that we do our best and for me that means educating myself. I always did love googling it. But ultimately everything we choose to do just feels right for us. Many of these choices happen to fit into the box that people label as attachment or natural parenting. We are baby wearing, breastfeeding, cosleeping, potentially home educating, family orientated, gentle parents who just want to appreciate our Mummy and Daddy titles to the fullest! We occasionally enjoy normal stuff like too much chocolate or a bottle of vino, although the latter is slightly more difficult these days.


Mostly this will act as a sort of diary, where I can write about our life but also anything that I feel passionate about. If my ramblings happen to reach a wider audience than friends and family then even better! Perhaps you are a Mummy or Daddy with similar ideas or interests? Or maybe you have some unanswered questions about a particular parenting topic or just want to hear about someone else’s experiences. As well as our day to day adventures I will cover all sorts of things including attachment parenting, breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding, elimination communication, milk soy protein intolerance (MSPI, specifically in breastfed babies), low chemical lifestyle, baby led weaning, home education, Montessori and more! All of the above are things we are experiencing every day or still learning about ourselves, so I am sure they will all crop up at some time or another. I will also post regular healthy recipes because I just love cooking and for some reason can’t help but photograph my creations!


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    • That would be my pleasure! I will have a look at your blog properly later and have a think about some ideas but if there is anything I have mentioned above that you are particularly interested in then let me know!

  1. Lovely blog! I did AP, baby led weaning and now home ed, I had no intention of doing any of these things but have been led by my eldest who is now 7 – she didnt like sleeping in a cot, refused to be spoon fed and hated school. I think she may have a better idea of what she needs than I do! It’s lovely to hear of others following this unusual route – there aren’t enough of us 🙂

    • Thanks Lucy 🙂 Glad you are enjoying my blog! I agree that they know what they need better than we do, we have just forgotten that in todays busy world, where children often have to fit into our schedules and confusing advice coming from everywhere leaves new mums feeling overwhelmed and risks them becoming alienated from their babies for fear of doing things ‘wrong’. In actual fact it is pretty simple really, go with your natural instinct and love your baby! Do what feels right and follow babies lead. I admire you for doing that without planning to, it shows you were very in tune with her, respectful of her feelings and not pressured into parenting in a certain way. And I bet she has benefited hugely thanks to that 🙂

      I doubt Poppy would take a spoon, we haven’t tried, but I have a couple of times tried to help her put things to her mouth if she struggle to grip them, she just turns her head away, but will do it herself a few minutes later! I just have to trust she will do it all when she is ready, at least she is having fun! I may try a preloaded spoon soon as I would like to give her some porridge. Messy!

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