Sugar Free Month

10584848_10154521485950643_1258223624_n Michelle’s delicious looking salad on day 1!

My friend and I have just started a sugar free month. I have always wanted to be sugar free but didn’t think I would manage. I don’t eat an awful lot on a daily basis, but I do like it in my tea and we all know I am partial to a bit of cake or brownie. But with everything we have been doing lately, right back to our holiday to Italy, family BBQ’s, social events and the brilliant festival we went to last weekend, I have been eating more and more junk and feeling really awful as a result. It has made me realise just how much my diet has changed for the better since having Poppy, as I can literally see the difference in the mirror. I have put on weight, my eczema is back and I have acne. So I haven’t been feeling too thrilled about this. As well as that I feel lethargic and have awful headaches. This isn’t all down to sugar of course, bacon rolls are not exactly a super food, but even those were laden with sugary ketchup, and the more sugar I ate, the more I craved. These cravings caused me to make bad choices, like having a bowl of cereal for breakfast whilst visiting family, just to get that sugar fix which then left me feeling sluggish and hungry again within an hour. I wonder if Poppy became ill this week because all of the sugar I was eating had weakened her immune system.

So seeing as we don’t have any more excuses to pig out on rubbish food this month, I decided I would see exactly how sugar affects us. We are allowed natural sugar in fruits, and dates are always my lifesaver, but nothing with added sugar or artificial sweetener. I actually extended my challenge to basically rule out any processed food at all, so every meal will be freshly prepared by yours truly, so I know exactly what is in it. We are only on day 3 but I honestly already feel better. My skin is clearing up at last and I have more energy. I am making green smoothies every morning, and I have even tried making my own almond butter in my juicer, which was so easy! I will definitely be making my own nut milk next, because the ones you buy in the supermarkets have added stuff we don’t necessarily want.

I struggled initially knowing that I couldn’t detox whilst breastfeeding (because the toxins are eliminated into your breastmilk). Whenever I have over indulged in the past I have gone on a strict detox, such as a juice cleanse, to fix all the damage before starting from scratch. It was actually difficult knowing that I couldn’t do this quick MOT, and that my naughty slip ups would probably have more long lasting effects and require more hard work to undo. But at least I don’t have to cut down on the amounts that I am eating, because I am still providing enough for two! I realised that I could still eat clean and my body would detox itself, without compromising Poppy’s health. That way I get to enjoy heaps of delicious healthy food and spend lots of time doing what I like to do most: cooking!

If anyone wants to join us on this challenge then let me know and I can add you to our facebook group. I will try to post about our results on here and hopefully it will all be good news!


4 thoughts on “Sugar Free Month

  1. Hi Vanessa, I’ve been following since your mum showed me your blog at work and I’d love to join your sugar free month. The more people I know are out there doing it the easier I’m hoping it’ll be. Love the blog by the way.

    • Hi Rebecca! Glad you like the blog. Would be great to have more people on the challenge! I’ll try and find you on facebook now and add you. We post our food diary on there to share ideas and make it easier to track what we are eating. But you don’t have to diet or eat anything special if you don’t want to, you can just eliminate the sugar. It ends on 20th Sept. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I’d be interested to try this – I felt so much better when I had to cut out the sugar for my gestational diabetes. It was tough though, and I didn’t have to cut out everything (not sure if I could give up bread!!), but I’ll give it a go…

    • Yes Rosie would love you to join us!! I’ll add you to the facebook group 🙂 And trust me we are not cutting out sweet things, just processed sugars…I just made an amazing vegan raw cheesecake, 100% sugar free! So it is not a diet or anything crazy like that 😉 Just do as much as you want to, whatever makes you feel healthier is worth it 🙂

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