Poppy at 10 (and a half!) months

We were over due a Poppy post!

Time is going quickly, I can’t believe I am organising her 1st birthday party! She is as active, cheeky and lovely as ever and is behaving more like a child and less like a baby every day!!


She has taken her first steps as most of you will know! She is still mostly crawling though, it is still quicker (places to go, people to see!) Yesterday I put her in her padders and she actually seemed to want to walk a lot more! So I am going to try this more often. Chek out the videos below. She has done a lot more steps but it was hard to catch on video because of our small house and the fact that if she gets to the stairs she climbs up them and if she gets to the little step she stops walking, so it doesn’t leave much space for her to show off her skills!

In other movement news – she loves dancing! Beyonce in the making with her bum jiggling as soon as we start singing a tune. Too cute!

First steps videos:


No massive change here really, she still hasn’t reduced her milk feeds so isn’t eating much. She loves chickpeas though! She seems to like full meals with lots of flvour rather than finger foods which end up on the floor. She enjoys my chickpea tagine and vegetable korma, but she never seems bothered about breakfast or lunch partiularly. Apart from watermelon. I give her a lot of this because she loves it so much, and so do we in this hot weather!


True to form Poppy has been keeping us on our toes on the sleeping front. Things got H.A.R.D for a few weeks but seem to have settled again…a little…kind of. She isn’t waking quite as much through the night, although that always varies, but she is going to bed easier, thank goodness! This seems to be because she has been skipping her afternoon nap a lot more though, which I am not entirely sure she is ready to do. Her morning nap is still pretty early, so she ends up being awake for a long chunk of time, and can get really tired at around 4 (at which point I would dance around the room and clap my hands like a seal on crack if it means keeping her awake, I know other parents will understand this). So I was reading up on when they drop to one nap and signs that they are ready, and after feeling hopeful that this new routine might solve our bedtime battle, I was left a bit disappointed! It seems that often babies appear to be ready to drop a nap but then once they start really walking around and using so much more energy again, they become over tired, so the advice seemed to be to hang on to that nap if you can to avoid problems a few weeks down the line. Elizabeth Pantley seems to think that babies still have a biological need for two naps and each one benefits them in different ways. I am just planning on taking each day as it comes, maybe she will be the exception to the rule, and I am loving these early bedtimes giving me my evenings back! I just hope it doesn’t spell disaster fo the future…


I have become rather interested in play and how important it is to child development. So I got a bit unecessarily excited when I noticed Poppy has entered the next stage of play, where she is transferring objects from one recceptacle to another. Fast forward a few days and she is seeking out anything that has space to fit something else inside…I mean like a bottle top which she put one of her bus people in and an egg cup which she discovered she could fit her little ball neatly inside. It is amazing to see how concentrated she is when she has her mind set on something!


2 bottom, 2 top with more top ones on the way. She makes a great angry noise when she is in pain, you can tell it is her teeth because she clenches her jaw together so tightly. Overall it has been pretty plain sailing, touch wood.

photo 1-4


Poppy is showing her understanding more and more, which amazes me and makes me appreciate that babies know so much more than we realise! She knows the sign for bath and milk, although sometimes her versions of these look similar…and they also look a little bit like her wave. But I know what she means at least! As soon as I say bath she does the splashy sign and laughs. It is great because I know I can tell her what we are going to do so that she expects it. She never likes a middle of the day bath (sometimes necessary with baby led weaning) so at least I can give her the heads up. The milk sign she doesn’t tend to use when she actually wants milk, maybe because she doesn’t really have to, I can tell when she wants feeding and she gets it pretty quickly. But she does use it if I ask her if she wants milk, or sometimes during her feed.

She is saying a few ‘words’ that myself and Daddy understand. Da is dog, said with much more emphasis on the ‘a’ than in Dada…so it sounds like D-AH! And she nods her head firmly each time she says it. She also says ‘Hiya’ in her own way and I am sure yesterday she repeated ‘Go’ when we were reading a book.

So that’s about alll I can think of right now! We have lots of fun times ahead, including a family festival which I am just beyond excited about, as there will be loads of things for Poppy to do and she loves being amongst nature. I see it as an absolute necessity considering we don’t have a garden, and am planning on going to plenty more next summer!


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