Health Kick

Time is running away again…we were on holiday for a while but despite being back a couple of weeks I still don’t feel back in the swing of things! I ate whatever I wanted in Italy, and noticed the effect of dairy on myself and Poppy, so it is time to detox (as much as you can whilst breastfeeding!)

I will be posting a few recipes, because I am trying to be more adventurous, and also because recipes are quick to post and I always seem short of time! I’ll try my best to do an update on Poppy with a few hoiday snaps soon.

P1030883 (3)Blueberry and Cashew Green Smoothie

I have been having this for the last few mornings because it is so yummy and so healthy!


2 handfuls blueberries

1 small banana

Large handful Spinach

Handful cashew nuts

2 dates

Non-dairy milk of your choice (I used hemp)


Blend, sprinkle with chai seeds or similar if you wish, and enjoy!



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