Why this facility uses Montessori techniques to treat dementia

Found this whilst scanning wordpress and after watching so many news stories and documentaries about the disgusting care for the elderly, I thought this was just lovely. Just because they are old it doesn’t mean that there last years on Earth shouldn’t be made as fulfilling as possible. They still have a mind and a soul and it should be giving the chance to thrive. Perhaps if more care homes took this approach the residents wouldn’t be in such sorry states and wouldn’t need to take as much medication either.

Global News

Grandview Lodge in Dunnville is one of only a few long term care facilities in Canada that uses a unique approach to caring for those with dementia.

Staff in the DementiAbility Care Unit are trained in using Montessori principles, which are best known as an educational method for children.

“Maria Montessori said ‘focus on the child’s level of ability,” Gail Elliot, who helped create Grandview’s program said. “With Dementia, you want to focus on what they’re still able to do and that’s why I call it DementiAbility.”

The facility has the look and feel of home for residents.  There are also activity-themed rooms such as a garage, office and nursery with dolls to surround residents with familiar settings.

“Tasks that they can do according to what they’re interested in, what they’re able to do that meets their needs and is connected to their previous skills,” Elliot said.

An important element of the…

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