Gradually Going Green – Part 3 – My Make Up Bag


It has been a while since my last gradually going green post! Today I am going to tell you what basic natural make up I use. Not all of my make up is natural or organic, but that is because I have a lot that I don’t want to throw out! There are some things that I only wear on special occasions, such as eye shadows, so I am not too worried about these. I was also given some gorgeous nail varnishes and lip gloss for Christmas, and seeing as I don’t wear these on a daily basis either it doesn’t matter that they are not natural. The only make up that I wear every day is foundation, blusher and mascara. And as foundation covers your skin I made this a priority! You can’t change everything immediately, and that would cost a fortune, so it is best to choose the most important things to you.

So here is my every day make up:

P1030397Foundation: Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation, available online. I love this foundation. It isn’t as heavy as other brands I have used, so might not be good if you like thicker foundations or very good coverage. It blends well though and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry like every other foundation I have ever had! It cost about £10 so it isn’t even more expensive than good high street brands.

Mineral foundation, blusher, bronzer: Color Revolution, an American brand. I got this set of 3 mineral powders from TK Maxx for about £7, and I’m not sure if you can find it for sale elsewhere in the UK. But there are loads of mineral make ups out there! I personally didn’t want a powder foundation, so I use this as a powder after applying my liquid foundation, which works well. I love the blusher and the bronzer and they are all lasting for ages. They are easy to blend too.

Mascara: Green People, Volumising mascara, available online. I love love love mascara, I couldn’t live without it! And this is actually one of the best I have had, and I have tried a lot! It isn’t as thick and so doesn’t give you a really dramatic look, but it highlights every single lash and you never get any clumps! It wasn’t expensive either.

Eye liner: Beauty without cruelty, natural mineral soft kohl pencil in carbon black, available online. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Doesn’t smudge and is a good price.


Fake Tan: Lavera, self tanning lotion. I have only used this two or three times so far. It was good, didn’t streak at all or smell bad. But it wasn’t that dark either. If you want instant bronzed goddess look for a night out this probably isn’t the best option, but if you are looking for a natural, gradual tan it does the trick.

And that is it for my green make up! I got most of mine from naturisimo online which has a huge variety and I got 10% off my first order!



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