Hooray for babies!

Yet another post about Poppy because I don’t have time for serious stuff! But my assignment is almost complete. I know that the family love hearing about Pops so I know they won’t complain. For the rest of you, stay tuned!

Poppy has been so happy today, it has made my studying much easier. I had plenty of breaks to play with her, and in doing so noticed a development which I hadn’t noticed before. We were playing peek-a-boo and Poppy started to pull my hands away from my eyes to find me! She has gone from looking away as soon as you cover your face, focusing on something else, to waiting and watching your hands, to understanding where I am hiding and knowing what to do to make me appear again! It might not be much, all babies do it, some much earlier, but I still think it is impressive. Not long after that I went to hang the washing outside, leaving the door half closed, meaning Poppy couldn’t see me. Within 30 seconds she had made her way around the door and was crawling into the garden towards me! It was the cutest. I disappeared from her sight but she knew I was still there. I like the idea that she can now picture me in her minds eye, maybe I am in her dreams right now!

Alongside this she is becoming more aware of cause and effect everyday. Yesterday she was playing a game with Tim; he put his head down and every time she tapped it with her hand he popped it up and and they laughed together! It was so lovely to watch as Poppy paused, smiled, tapped his head and then burst out laughing! Today she showed her understanding again when she copied me pressing the squeaky button on her toy telephone. Immediately after I did it she started bashing away laughing as it squeaked. She also has a toy that makes a funny noise as you shake it and she loves that she now knows how to do it on her own. And something she particularly enjoys is dropping food off of her high chair knowing and waiting for Oscar to come!

Sometimes it is these little things that we take for granted, we are so focused on the big milestones and physical abilities; when they roll, sit, crawl, eat, walk, talk…Babies are learning so much everyday, no adult is even nearly capable of processing the equivalent, and it all takes a lot of energy and brain power! I try to celebrate the smallest of achievements because for Poppy, it is huge!

After a busy day’s learning: I had to post this picture because I thought it looked a bit like she was rock and rolling in her sleep! 






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