Gradually Going Green – Part 2 – Bathroom

I promised I would write a post about our natural bathroom products, but I have been so busy time has disappeared. Poppy was poorly too, which was horrible and then I was fighting it. Now she is teething and crying 90% of the day, so I have barely had a chance to sit down and write. I should be doing my essay now, and considering I just wrote this post once and it deleted all by itself, I am feeling pretty fed up, so I am going to write this quickly. Apologies for any typos and a lack of creativity in my writing!

When buying bath and shower products try to make sure they are certified organic or at least read and understand the labels well. Many mainstream brands claim to be natural and use enticing phrases such as ‘Plant power’ and ‘Mother nature’ but they are still full of the nasty chemicals you want to avoid. Call me sad but if I am unsure on an ingredient I google it!

P1020575Shower gel: I use Urtekram Brown Sugar shower gel and I love it. I was bought 2 bottles for Christmas and have just under 3/4 of one bottle left. It is more expensive than average shower gels but a little goes a long way. It feels lovely, smells good and produces a good lather. 500ml costs around £7.50. Again I am ashamed to say I usually look on Amazon for good prices, but natural shower gels are available all over the internet or in health stores.


Shampoo and conditioner: I have Urtekram shampoo and conditioner too, but have recently bought some Faith in Nature shampoo because it was a ridiculously good price at the time (£2.50 for 500ml). The Urtekram comes in 250ml bottles and you can find those for around £4.50, whilst the Faith in Nature is usually only slightly more expensive for double the amount. However, I must admit I prefer the Urtekram shampoo! It lasted me 3 months so I don’t think cost is too bad.

Bath smellies: There are natural bubble baths out there I’m sure, I just haven’t got round to trying them. But I do love love love natural bath melts! Tim got me some for Christmas and I have been addicted ever since. My Christmas ones were relaxing lavender and gorgeous patchouli. They leave your skin feeling amazingly silky, but they are oily so you might not want to wash your hair in the bath when using them. Alternatively you could just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your bath. This is a great idea for baby, it will create a stronger association between bath and bedtime, especially if you put a drop on their pillow at night too. I also love this idea because when you can’t fit in their bedtime bath the familiar scent on their bedding will ensure they still understand it is time to drift off because of that association. Use lavender or chamomile to relax them and send them into the peaceful land of nod.


Toothpaste: We use green people toothpaste. It contains no fluoride, no nasties. It is more pricey than big brand toothpastes; I managed to get 2 tubes for £3.50 but it is usually £3.50 per tube, and they are not that big. It doesn’t taste half as minty as normal toothpastes but your teeth feel just as squeaky clean afterwards. I have also started oil pulling, which is a way of eliminating toxins from you mouth. You basically swish oil (coconut is good) around your mouth for a good 15 minutes and then spit it into the bin, rinse with salt water and clean your teeth. Sounds bizarre but apparently it is a brilliant way to detox with people claiming all sorts of amazing results, it can whiten your teeth and can even cure a hangover!!!

Hand soap: Our local health food shop stocks loads of natural hand soap and I picked some up the other day for £1.90. Before this I had some seaweed and dead sea salt soap from Wikaniko which I really liked. I chose it because I used to use dead sea salt for my eczema as a child, and now the only place I ever get eczema is my hands so I thought it might help. Despite my expectations the soap was surprisingly creamy. It cost £4 a bar so was quite a lot but I would still recommend it.

P1020588Deodorant: Deodorants are awful. There are strong links between deodorants and breast cancer, and the chemicals inhaled from spray deodorants or anti-perspirants are scary. In fact I was interested to discover after Tim had been in hospital with an irregular heartbeat, that the ingredients of his daily anti-perspirant was known to cause heart problems and even heart attack. Needless to say he no longer uses it. There are a few brands that do crystal salt deodorants. It is roll on but you apply it to wet skin, or wet the stick first and it lasts for months and months! It is unscented which takes some getting used to, but I will be making my own natural perfume when I have the time!


Moisturiser: I use coconut oil on my skin and Poppy’s too. I even use it to remove my make up! Ocassionally I pinch a bit of Poppy’s organic baby lotion if I need to get off stubborn eye make up, but I will be doing a separate post on baby products soon. You can invest in all sorts of lovely natural lotions, but in my opinion it is unnecessary when coconut oil has a million and one uses!

I think that is it for bathroom. When cleaning the bathroom I use all of the same stuff I posted in my kitchen post! I will be writing posts on my beauty products and baby products soon so stay tuned! For now it is time for me to open a bottle of…I mean open my textbook!




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