Thai squash soup

P1020343I often use up leftover veggies in soups, and rarely know what it’s going to turn out like. Every now and then I discover something wonderful, and this was certainly one of those times. This veggie soup is absolutely divine, Tim said it was my best soup ever, and I make A LOT of soup!

I have called it thai squash soup simply because of the flavour the coconut milk and coriander give it, but apart from that it isn’t all that thai at all. It is very healthy of course, so simple and perfect for a grey day like today.


(I used half these amounts as that’s what was left in our fridge, this will make a lot of soup)

1 Butternut squash

1 Swede

6 large tomatoes

1 large white onion

Medium madras curry powder (or your own choice of curry powder)

1 can coconut milk

Bunch of coriander

Enough veggie stock to cover the veggies in the pan (I use marigold bouillon for plenty of flavour and less salt and additives)

1 clove garlic (optional)



Roast the butternut squash and swede in chunks, lightly coated with rapeseed oil and sprinkled generously with curry powder.


Meanwhile fry the onion until soft and add some more curry powder (1 tsp) to this. Once soft add the garlic, chopped, and the tomatoes, chopped into quarters roughly, and fry for a further 5 minutes.

Once the squash and swede are roasted add them to the pan and mix all the ingredients well.


Pour over the stock and simmer for 5 minutes or so (Because the veg are all cooked you are only really combining flavours and making sure it is nice and hot!)


Pour over coconut milk and stir through. Blitz it all up with the coriander, saving some to garnish.





One thought on “Thai squash soup

  1. Roasting the squash with the spices is a great technique. I made a similar soup at a restaurant I once worked at using leftover summer squash and zucchini. Really concentrates the flavor and the coconut milk gives the soup a great consistency.

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