Poppy is on the move! Videos!

Poppy has been trying to crawl for what seems like forever, I remember writing in her baby book at 4 1/2 months old that she seemed close to crawling. She has been almost there ever since, getting into all sorts of funny positions with her legs but not quite grasping the fact that she had to use her arms too! Finally on Saturday night, out of nowhere, she cracked it! It was a proud moment for everyone. I am waiting for the day that she properly crawls to me from the other side of the room and reaches her arms up for a cuddle, but for now she is far more interested in possessing anything in her sight, especially the things we would rather she didn’t. In fact it was my mobile phone that tempted her to crawl in the first place! And today she crawled all over the mucky fireplace.

Here are the videos that our family will be dying to see:

I just want to say to any mum’s or mum’s to be out there, that Poppy spent much of her first 3 months in the sling or being carried, she had barely any tummy time before she could roll over herself at 3 1/2 months, but even then she got fed up that she couldn’t roll back so I wouldn’t leave her there for long. There is so much emphasis on tummy time and making sure you give them opportunities to move, of course the latter is important, but it doesn’t mean that if they want to be carried for hours on end when they are tiny that you shouldn’t do exactly that. As for tummy time I think most babies hate it before they have developed enough to choose to be on their tummies themselves, otherwise they are just plonked into a position that is unknown and feels scary to them and they can barely lift up their heads to have a look around. They have no way of getting out of that position until they start protesting and you finally put them out of their misery. Babies are going through a sensitive period to movement where they instinctively feel the urge to move and perfect their skills, all by themselves! I put Poppy down for plays from about 3 months whenever she was awake, and I also made sure that during that time she had safe floor space and was free to move as she liked, we didn’t have any baby bouncers, rockers, chairs, bumbo’s or play pens. The only thing she occasionally went in was her doughnut if I needed to see to other things, but time in there was limited and she was always right next to me so that I could interact with her. Sometimes Poppy would only last 5 minutes on the floor before she wanted picking up again. It just goes to show that they all develop at their own pace, when they are ready, and the fact that Poppy is crawling at 6 1/2 months shows that you don’t need to do anything special to help them develop physically, other than being there to keep them safe and give them confidence to explore. You can spend a fortune on products designed especially for tummy time, we didn’t have any of them and I never would, nor will we have a baby walker, as I don’t believe they make any difference other than giving the parents a break. (Of course sometimes you do need a break and I am not saying you are a bad parent if you use these products, but I personally don’t want the temptation of dumping Poppy in the walker at every opportunity just to make my life easier! When I need a break I am lucky that Tim is home during the mornings and weekends!) And if your baby isn’t rolling over by 6 months or crawling by 10 months or whatever we are told is ‘normal’, it just means that they are not ready, but they will be soon!


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