Hi and welcome to my brand new shiny blog! I have been meaning to start one for a while, but now that we have finally moved away from the town we both grew up and our nearest and dearest, I decided it was time to put pen to paper (or the virtual equivalent) and give everyone we have left behind a chance to keep up to date with our family adventures. Of course those I am referring to know that they are always welcome at our new abode, but as you all know Poppy is changing everyday, so I will attempt to capture her growth and special moments so that you can all share our journey no matter where in the word you may be!

Those of you who know me well will probably already understand my reasonings behind the name of this blog. ‘Grown at Home’ not only conjures up images of an idyllic organic lifestyle but also sums up the natural approach we take when it comes to raising Poppy: providing her with the most nurturing environment and freedom to learn, from the people we believe are most capable of giving her the best education and experiences possible; ourselves!

Mostly this will act as a sort of diary, where I can write about our life but also anything that I feel passionate about. If my ramblings happen to reach a wider audience than friends and family then even better! Perhaps you are a Mummy or Daddy with similar ideas or interests? Or maybe you have some unanswered questions about a particular parenting topic or just want to hear about someone else’s experiences. As well as our day to day adventures I will cover all sorts of things including attachment parenting, breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding, elimination communication, milk soy protein intolerance (MSPI, specifically in breastfed babies), low chemical lifestyle, baby led weaning, home education, Montessori and more! All of the above are things we are experiencing every day or still learning about ourselves, so I am sure they will all crop up at some time or another. I will also post regular healthy recipes because I just love cooking and for some reason can’t help but photograph my creations! We have recently started getting organic fruit, vegetable and meat boxes delivered which I am super excited about and love the variation of the seasonal veg which forces me to experiment all the time. I welcome new ideas, Poppy is about to start solids so there is lots more experimenting to come!

But for now it’s time for me to relax in front of the fire with a fast asleep baby who is practically glued to me lately, and Tim who came home early as a treat. Happy Friday! Good night x